About Samantha

Hello! It’s me!

Hi! I’m Samantha, a Mental Health Counselor, Christian, Adventurer, Thrift store addict, Walt Disney World Annual Passholder, and the reason you’re all here – a Blogger!

As most good counselors stress the importance of self care, this blog is a manifestation of that for me. Read about my adventures (the good, the magical, and the not so magical) here! Join me, my husband, and my friends as I tell the story of our hilariously messy life. Come with us on our journeys around lots of magical places, and look at way too many pictures of things you may or may not care about. Join us in my version of adventure in the great wide somewhere!

I have lived in Orlando for almost my entire life, and have been visiting theme parks since I was 9 months old (and probably before that lets be real). So many of my favorite memories from my childhood all took place within Walt Disney World, and as life becomes more heavy and stressful now that I am an actual adult – Disney is one of the places I feel the most free to be my silly self. Even (but really, especially) adults need to find time to play and experience childlike joy! I live my life with the wonder and whimsy of a childlike faith, seeking out the beauty in a world where it can sometimes be hard to find.

I hope that by reading this blog you get to learn more about love and wonder, more about adventure, and more about living freely in who you are and who you were meant to be! And also probably some really silly and unrelated things because it’s who I am and we all know its going to happen eventually. Full disclosure (insert cry laughing emoji).

For collaborations/questions, you can email us at SamanthaHasAdventures@gmail.com