STK Disney Springs Gluten Free Review

I am so thankful we were invited to visit STK for the first time right before the quarantine, and shut down of Disney Springs. We were able to celebrate my Birthday, and try out some of their new menu offerings and the experience did not disappoint! I have been waiting to share about our experience as the timing just didn’t seem right with everything that has been going on. However, with the phased reopening of Disney Springs set to begin on May 20th (social distancing precautions still in place, of course) – STK is one of the first places we can’t wait to head back to when its safe – and here’s why!

We usually end up going for quick service options at Disney Springs and reserve fancier options for resort and park dining locations – but STK is definitely a game changer that we can’t wait to visit again! If you’ve never been, STK is a chic hideaway for an ultra-modern steakhouse experience—featuring an innovative menu, in-house DJ and a stunning outdoor patio. You can check out the menu and pricing options here, don’t forget to check out the social hour menu that has some incredible offerings and amazing prices!

To start, I ordered the Emmolo by Wagner Family Merlot, Napa Valley, CA – which was one of the most wonderfully balanced wines I have ever had – I may or may not have been searching for where to order a bottle online under the table. Philip had a classic Old Fashioned and also loved it!

Then, for my non gluten free friends – Philip had his chance to finally eat gluten and reports that the bread tastes as amazing as it looks!

Next, for appetizers we were served Crispy Octopus and the Tuna Tartare.

The Crispy Octopus is served with a buffalo wine glaze, kimchi spice, and pickled cucumber. I have a huge issue with the texture of octopus normally and wouldn’t go out of my way to order something like this – but I am so glad we did because when I tell you this was so soft it was falling apart I am not exaggerating! The octopus was incredible and wound up being one of our favorite things on the menu, along with the best octopus dish we have ever had!

When I tell you the Tuna Tartare is the stuff dreams are made of – it’s the stuff dreams are made of! The tuna is served with avocado, soy-honey emulsion, and taro chips (order it without the taro chips to make it gluten free!) The honey emulsion has an umami flavor profile that is nothing short of magic. This is the dish I can’t wait to go back for!

For the main course we were served a Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with wild mushrooms, bok choy, tamari sesame oil, ginger chili and cilantro relish. This dish was textbook perfectly cooked and glistening – plus it’s the chef’s grandmas recipe, which just makes it that much more special!

Of course we couldn’t visit STK without trying some steak! We tried the Wagyu Flat Iron which is an american variety and is a little tougher than what you might expect from a traditional wagyu, but had an amazing depth of flavor and was so much more than I was expecting from a classic steak dish.

For our sides we were served Sautéed Green Beans confit garlic and Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes. Both were traditional in flavor and a nice balance to some of the bolder flavors found in the main course and appetizers. (We were going to share these but I literally could not stop eating the mashed potatoes – they are so good!)

The Mushroom and Truffle Tagliatelle is another option for my non gluten free friends – served with braised mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, baby spinach, shaved black truffle, and pecorino. Philip said this had a ton of flavor but was nicely balanced between the different elements of the dish.

For dessert, Philip went all out with the chocolate cake served with cotton candy and vanilla ice cream – which sadly isn’t gluten free (but you know I ate some of that cotton candy!)

I had the deconstructed key lime tart (order without the granola to make it GF!) This was so good and a fun take on the classic.

Also, we can’t talk about STK without Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn our server made this experience incredible! She was so knowledgeable and kind and willing to slow down to explain the dishes to us and work with my allergy, she was totally the highlight of this experience!

Even though we love higher end dining experiences – I don’t love the stuffiness or the atmosphere that can often come along with them, especially when dining with an allergy. STK is not that – the atmosphere is welcoming and fun while still maintaining the sophistication of the food they serve there. I cannot recommend STK enough!

If you aren’t ready for the full experience I would highly recommend giving their Social Hour menu a try (available weekdays 3:30 – 6pm / Thursday-Saturday 10pm – Close). Social hour includes half off all specialty cocktails and small plates ranging from $2-$8.

Have you been to STK? I would love to know what you thought of your experience!
What are some of your favorite Gluten Free fine dining experiences at Disney? STK is definitely moving towards the top of our list!

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