20 Gifts That Are Perfect For The Baby Yoda Fan In Your Life

I have been on a journey across the internet trying to find the perfect Baby Yoda gift for my husband – so hopefully my hours of research can help someone else too! With the recent announcement of the first official Disney Baby Yoda merch opening for preorders that won’t arive until April of 2020 – here is a list of 20 Baby Yoda gifts you can get right now for everyone on your gift list, or yourself!

1. This Baby Yoda figurine that is made out of a PEANUT! The listing claims only a peanut, cloth and the force were used in the making.

Price: $8.50 (free shipping)

2. In these Baby Yoda leggings – cute, you will be.

Price: $34.90 (free shipping with a $35 purchase)

3. You are probably going to need this Baby Yoda shirt to go with your leggings.

Price: $32.76+ (free shipping with $35 purchase)

4. I did not know I needed a Baby Yoda pillow in my life until now.

Price: $22.08 (free shipping with a $35 purchase)

5. You might need this Baby Yoda blanket to go along with that pillow.

Price: $54.94 (free shipping)

6. I will never be over this Hangover inspired Baby Yoda tee.

Price: $29.00 (plus $3.99 shipping)

7. These Baby Yoda earrings are what dreams are made of.

Price: $12.00+ (free shipping)

8. I don’t even have anything to say about this Mandalorian pin because it’s too cute for words.

Price: $2.00 (free shipping with $35 purchase)

9. We all need these Baby Yoda mugs in our lives.

Price: $12.73 each (shipping varies)

10. Honestly this Baby Yoda watercolor painting is an actual masterpiece.

Price: $20.00 (free shipping)

11. All I want for Christmas is this Baby Yoda sweater.

Price: $24.46 (free shipping)

12. You could buy a 3D printer just to print a bunch of Baby Yoda’s – or you could order this ornament to hold you over… both are valid options.

Price: $8.18 (shipping varies)

13. The force is strong with this Baby Yoda pocket tee.

Price: $17.00 (free shipping with $35 purchase)

14. This Baby Yoda pin could easily float with you everywhere you go. You’ll basically be the Mandalorian.

Price: $10.49 (shipping varies)

15. I don’t have enough self restraint to not buy these 3D printed ears for myself. *adds to cart*

Price: $35.00 (free shipping)

16. Would any gift guide be complete without a glitter tumbler? Probably not.

Price: $25.00+ (free shipping)

17. There are just a lot of really cute Baby Yoda tees out there is all i’m saying.

Price: $29.99 (free shipping)

18. An embroidered keychain seems necessary.

Price: $9.50 (free shipping)

19. Baby Yoda + floral crown = everything.

Price: $3.99 (free shipping)

20. I’m not saying I would spend $60 on a crochet Baby Yoda, but i’m not saying I wouldn’t…

Price: $60.00 (free shipping)

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