The Perfect Christmas Gift, And How You Can Win Your Own!

When Jord watches reached out to me, I was so excited to pick out a watch for Philip for Christmas – and am so happy to share that one of you can win a $100 credit by entering here:

(Plus, there are no losers! Every person that enters will receive an exclusive discount code!)

Click here to WIN a Jord watch of your own!

Here’s what Philip had to say about his new Jord watch:

“I love watches of all types, and when I think of great gifts for the modern man, a stylish and classy watch is one of my first thoughts. So naturally, I was very excited that my wife gifted me a beautifully crafted Jord timepiece for my Christmas gift! She’s an awesome and thoughtful gift giver, and she knows what I love to wear, so receiving a present from her is always fun.

This Jord wooden timepiece is amazingly tasteful, refined, and feels like a quality product. I enjoy wearing it with a nice suit on Sundays, or just having it on to accent a more causal outfit. It’s elegantly crafted, matches most of my other accessories (tortoise shell glasses, anyone?), and is the envy of my watch collecting friends. Also, the wooden watch band adds another layer of distinction and uniqueness not found in most affordable timepieces.

I’m really glad my wife took the opportunity to work with Jord and get me a timeless gift this year! Thanks, baby!”

Click here to WIN a Jord watch of your own!

Click here to WIN a Jord watch of your own!

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