Magical Mug Monday – Porgs, Porgs, And MORE PORGS!

It is a surprise to no one that my favorite Star Wars character/creature is none other than the infamous Porg! I recently visited Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World for the first time on its opening day – and let me tell you, there is no shortage of these adorable little creatures hanging around!

So for today’s edition of #MagicalMugMonday – I of course had to feature one of my most prized possessions – yep, it’s a Porg mug, you guessed it.

I have been searching everywhere for this mug but haven’t been able to find the same one (I got it a while back from Disney) but am linking some of my favorite Porg merch, including mugs, below:

Porg Mug – (most similar to mug pictured)
Porg + Chewbacca Mug – (similar)
Holiday Porg Mug – (I need this, you need this – we all need this!)

Other random Porg things that are relevant:
Porg T-Shirt (because it’s obviously a staple item)
Porg Pillow Buddy (I don’t know what a pillow buddy is but I NEED IT.)
Porg Plush (I pictured a Porg stuffed animal so figured I should link one)
Hilarious Porg Lego Set (because it’s pretty great)
Funko Porg (can you ever really have enough tiny Porg memorabilia?)
Porg Cufflinks (Porg Cufflinks you guys!!!!!!!!!)
Porg Mask (Its literally a giant Porg mask for adults and not weird at all.)
Another Porg T-Shirt (I really want this one too but am also poor)
Dog Porg Costume (So you can match your dog with that giant Porg mask)
Toddler Porg Costume (So your child can match you and your dog)

Don’t forget to share your own #MagicalMugMonday photos by posting to our hashtag on Instagram!

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