Magical Mug Mondays – Beauty And The Beast

Welcome to #MagicalMugMonday

Mondays are sad, but you know what isn’t sad? Coffee. And do you know what you need in order to drink coffee? A mug.

Cute mugs definitely make Mondays even better, so why not start off the saddest day of the week off with a magical mug!

For our first ever Mug Monday, I of course styled an outfit around my favorite! Beauty and the Beast.

I am so excited to be starting this new series with you where every Monday, I will be sharing a new mug from my collection, and a fun look styled around it! (and I am of course using this as an excuse to buy more!)

You can follow along and join in on Magical Mug Monday by sharing your own Mugs and things that bring you joy by using the hashtag #MagicalMugMonday – I will be watching that tag and sharing some of your posts over on my Instagram!

Outfit links:

Chip Mug (pictured)
Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere Mug (similar)
You Must Be Bold, Daring Mug (similar)
Thomas Kinkade Art Mug (similar)

Barnes & Noble Book (pictured)
Beauty & The Beast Book (similar)

My dress is from Old Navy but is out of stock,
linking some similar options:
Sleeveless Polka-Dot Dress (similar)
Sleeveless Yellow Shirt Dress (similar)
Yellow Maxi-Dress (similar)
Yellow Floral Jumpsuit (similar)
Yellow Knit Jumpsuit (similar)

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